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Greetings Fellow Travelers,

The Greeks said that sky wisdom allows us to walk among the stars. Sky Stories awakens your soul and transports you to the there that is here inside you. Sky Stories is pleased to provide performances from living room to concert hall. Find out how the story of humanity and the story of you intersect and intertwine. Schedule your session or event now.

We have a new prime directive from the soul level about what we will build in our lives with each of these planetary changes. We feel a new purpose and take on a new, major task. We are just now beginning to see the shape of this task and feeling deeply drawn to fulfill it. It is a moving and uplifting experience.

As we get this vision, it takes us into our soul-level consciousness. This means that the task involves inspiration, challenge, and new directions. It pulls in our ties to others and our self-image. It activates us in whatever way is unique to our nature (birth chart), circumstances, relationships, and unfolding choices.

To get a Soul Plan or other Reading, click here. Here's one comment about my work:

"You interpret astrology in such a beautiful, poetic, and spiritual way that reading it always fills me with hope. It's heartwarming. It's not the doom and gloom [from] some other astrolog[ers]. God knows we have all the doom and gloom that we can tolerate in the interesting times in which we are living." D.R., USA

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