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More About Astrology, Etc.

Why astrology?
Astrology gives a faithful reflection of our own uniqueness by looking at the patterns of planets and stars that were around us when we were born. Rather than ruling us, the stars reflect our process. Just as we know how powerful the beginnings of any experience are in the way things turn out, so we know that this is true when we are born.

As any physicist will tell you, there are forces in the universe, and we, as well as the planets, must follow these forces. However, the planets follow them in a predictable pattern, while we, who have free will, engage in more complex activities that mask the rhythms that we also follow.

By observing the planets, we can see the underlying patterns in our own actions and experiences, discover the hidden forces that drive us, and learn to direct them more successfully. Have you heard of shooting yourself in the foot? In a sense that is what we are all prone to do until we explore our inner landscape.

Once we learn to understand our daily, monthly, yearly, and larger cyciic rhythms and how to use them wisely, the world takes on more meaning, and we can see how stories and themes fill our lives. It becomes more pleasurable as we feel more in control of our own responses, even if we can't control the world around us.

What about the other tools?
Each of the other tools --- Astro-Energetic Healing, Tarot, I Ching, Numerology, language --- add depth and dimension to what we gain from astrology. It's all results-driven: These techniques have been used together for millennia, with proven success. Here, briefly, is what each tool does:

Astrology is a blueprint of your uniqueness. It shows us what your plan is for life and what the timing will be. You write the script and decide who'll be on the stage with you.

Tarot is a pictorial system that speaks to our unconscious nature, healing and teaching us without our having to understand directly what is happening. It has been used to teach the laws that govern the universe for thousands of years.

I Ching, the Chinese Book of Change, is touted as an oracle, but it actually is a guide to living by a wise philosophy based on achieving balance and learning to work with the hidden forces to accomplish our goals. It is based on the profound realization that our attitudes rule everything and are the source of all effects and events in our lives. It then teaches us where our attitudes are leading us astray and how to correct them. It is subtle, yet profound. There are also instruments that we can use to enhance the I Ching process. The I Ching brings us to a place of peace called the "path of no effort".

Numerology is the basis for the theory of all the Western tools (astrology, Tarot, etc.). Understanding numerology gives us the keys to the kingdom.

Language is the surface expression of all that lies within. Whether it is spoken language, body language, the language of our actions, or the cosmic language of astrology, our inner world is revealed through language. By decoding our language(s), we can see all and heal all.

All the forms of healing offered here --- astro-energetic, energy medicine, I Ching alignment, etc. --- are meant to accelerate the clearing of blockages and open the way for us to be what we are meant to be. We are all meant to be joyful, radiant beings!

I invite you to explore these pages, to learn, and to step outside the "box" of this website and put these tools to use. There are classes and events, individual/group/business services, products, and downloadable resources for you to use in your journey. We are all on this journey called life --- why not make the most of it?