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Help fund a session for someone in need. Donations here are kept in a separate account and disbursed on an as-available and as-needed basis.

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The depth and insight that I bring to your session comes through ongoing research and education. You can support these efforts here.

Terry's Consultation Services

Terry LambWhen you sign up for a session with me, you get more than astrology. Because I am trained in several other modalities, these are interwoven into your experience as we explore your sacred inner space. These include energy awareness and healing, psychology and family dynamics, and some of the other translations of universal energy: I Ching (the Chinese Book of Change), Tarot, numerology, and alchemical-mythic systems from around the world.

Keep in mind that:

  • Prediction is limiting. We have the ability to create our world, and we do so every moment. I will help you find your creative spark to build the life YOU want.
  • Any question or situation can be considered in your session with me, from life purpose to relationships to timing an event for success. Some of these topics require extra work, and the fee for them is slightly higher.
  • The best session is a dialogue. Until we interact, your chart appears to me as a map, not the landscape you inhabit. When we talk, your chart comes to life as I see your unique expression, your story, and I can help you shift any obstacles you are experiencing with more precision.
  • While a lot can be accomplished in a single session, one or more follow-up sessions will allow us to go more deeply into your situation to open up new possibilities.

    Important points:
  • We can meet by phone, skype, or email/chat, creating a digital recording of your session so you don't miss a thing.
  • Astrology is a tool best used to unlock the past to inform the present and create the future. My approach is formative and creative, NOT predictive. We'll refine your sense of purpose and explore how you can create what you want, rather than trying to determine what will happen.
  • We talk about options for best outcomes, both short- and long-term.
  • The more we engage in dialogue, the more you will get out of our meeting.

Astrology can be used in many ways to give insight to any area of your life: diviner

If you have a specific need not listed and wonder if I can help, please contact me.

Most people's needs are met HERE. Use the links above (or scroll down) to learn more about them, or to sign up for less common services.

Individual/Soul Plan Sessions: $135 for 45 min./$175 for 60 min./$255 for 90 min.

Individual Session
Type of Session

Additional location beyond 2 (add to standard Relocation Session). . . . . . . . . . . . .$50.00

Relationship Soul Agreement/Compatibility: $300 for 90 min. (2 people)/$50 per addl. personFamily Threads/Astro-Genealogy Sessions: $300 for 90 min. (2 people)/$50 per addl. person
Twins Sessions and Continuing Sessions also available below.

Relationship or Family Session

All services are available by appointment via telephone/skype/email (or in-person by special arrangement).

To proceed: 1) Select and pay for the session you want. 2) Add a fee for recording services if you want a CD (rather than a digital recording to play on your computer or smartphone. Terry will contact you for details and to arrange your appointment. More about your session.


About You

Soul Plan (Birth Chart) Session
60- or 90-minute session based upon your natal chart looks at what's up for you at the moment or gives an in-depth look at your birth potential. Since all issues lead back to the birth chart, your natal issues and potentials are always addressed, as they apply to the moment. May include a focus on current choices, spiritual path, life purpose, relationships, family background, gifts, career, finances, health/wellness, and life lessons. Learn more about Soul Plan Readings here.

Birthday Year Ahead (Solar Return)
You start a new cycle every year on your birthday, one full of new potential. Get a look at what the year has in store for you and when pivotal times will occur. Great as a birthday gift!

Where Do You Want to Live? (Relocation)
Thinking of moving? Find the best places to go and the best time to go there. Includes a general analysis of good locations anywhere you want to look and in-depth exploration of 2 locations. For more than 2 locations, please use the shopping cart item below.

Soul Plan Look Ahead (Update) Session
What energies are you dealing with and what can you do to maximize them in your life? This session looks at what's coming so you can plan, grow, and support success and fulfillment.

All sessions by appointment. Overtime is $3 per minute. Sessions of 30+ minutes will be digitally recorded at no extra charge*.


About Your Relationships

Soul Agreement/Compatibility Session or Update
All our important relationships are karmic and based on soul recognition. How does your relationship fit with your soul plan? Why did the two of you come together? What are you learning? What do you want to accomplish together? No one can judge whether you and your partner belong together (that's for you to decide), but astrology can tell you WHY and HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK. This 90-minute session looks at all the ins and outs of your relationship: your relationship's purpose, your soul agreement together, areas of strength and weakness. A thumbnail overview of each person's birthchart can be included in this session; however, a natal session is also recommended for each person.

Can also be used for:

  • you and your new baby
  • friendship
  • business partnership
  • parent-child
  • child-child relationships
  • groups, spiritual families

Family Threads/Astro-Genealogy Session
So much of our emotional life resides in hidden pattern bequeathed by our family, often over generations. This 90-minute session explores the mystery that is "family" --- our family of origin/ancestors, childhood patterns, or the family we have created with friends or our partner and children. Let's explore the influence of your past, discover the timing and nature of your childhood experiences. Charts of 2 people are included. Other family members may be included for an added fee.

Twins Astrological Portrait . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $300.00
90-minute session explores the unique world of twins based on my groundbreaking research into twins' astrology. Includes their relationship with each other, may add other family members at $50 per additional person. A must for parents of twins and adult twins!


Continuing Sessions

Coaching/Transformational Sessions

Coaching for Life, Entrepreneur, Career/Business, Relationship
Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective and consistent guidance to get us back on track --- when we're trying something new that requires courage, we're going through rapid change, or those around us think we're tilting at windmills. A weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional coaching session may be just the ticket.

This can also be used to purchase time to learn an astrological technique or get tutoring in conjunction with your studies.

Transformational Continuing Sessions
When we experience long-term transformation processes, we can co-create a plan for periodic sessions designed to meet your personal goals. We will use a gentle reflective process to help you find the new, real You underneath the old patterns. Contact Terry to make arrangements for your session plan and appointments.


Timeing ~ Rectification of Birth Time ~ Other Services

Choosing a Date (Electional Consultation) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$175.00
Have a big event coming up? Want to sell your home, buy a new one . . . pitch a movie script, get married? You can use astrology to give you the "inner" edge and set your course for success and happiness. Determine the best time(s) to undertake a major life event, such as a surgery, move, marriage, starting a business, or taking legal action. Fee includes providing 2 dates over six months or less. Additional fee may apply for more dates or a longer time frame.

Rectification of Birth Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $400.00
Lost your birth certificate? No time recorded on it? It is possible to calculate a working chart based upon the dates of at least 6 major events in your life. This technique uses a systematic mathematical process and computer assistance to find the correct time. One-hour chart interpretation included with the rectification. Price of rectification is for when the birth DATE is known (search of up to 24 hours); call for quote when it is necessary to search more than one date.

Follow-Up Services & Session Overtime

Telephone/Email Consultation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3 per minute/$30.00 minimum
Designed to answer your questions after a chart reading or for a specific issue which can be addressed briefly at Terry's discretion. Expect to set an appointment when you contact me.

Follow-Up Services

Audio Recording Services

*Because CDs and alternate file formats require substantial additional time to prepare, a small fee is required for these services. If your session is longer than 75 minutes, two CDs are needed to capture the entire session (for audio CDs only). A digital recording of your session will be provided at no extra charge IF THE RECORDING IS SUCCESSFUL. A link to the digital file will be sent to you by email at no extra charge. For details, see below.

Audio Recording Services


Understanding Your Session

All consulting services are available by telephone, skype, or email. In-person sessions may be provided by special arrangement/extra fee. A fee of $3 per minute is charged for session overtime.

Recording Your Session: Sessions longer than 30 minutes are recorded digitally as a courtesy and are not guaranteed. CDs and alternate file formats can be provided for an additional charge of $10 for each service. (For example, a CD plus converting to another file format is $20.) CDs are sent via snail mail, and digital files via email link to a location on Dropbox. You also have the option to record the session yourself. If there is a problem with the recording, the session cannot be repeated.

Cancellation/Late Policy: Please give 24 hours notice or you will be billed for your session. If you have to cancel, do it as soon as possible to allow another client to take the session. To honor the needs of others on my schedule, please be on time for your appointment. Your session begins at the time it is scheduled to start, even if you are late.

Payment Policy: Payment is expected before the time of the appointment unless you have scheduled an in-person session. Consulting services cannot be discounted, but those under financial hardship may receive a scholarship from the "Pay-It-Forward" Fund. (Contact me for details.) Payment by check, money order, or Paypal (credit, debit, checking withdrawal, e-check) accepted. A $50 charge will apply to returned checks.

Confidentiality: All sessions and information exchanged during a session are confidential even if another person is paying for it.
No one should be in your session space except those involved directly in it --- please turn off cell phones and expect to maintain privacy, even if you are at a distant location.

After Your Session: You are invited to return for sessions to update your chart from time to time, or embark on a journey of self-discovery through an on-going healing, coaching, or transformation plan. There is a per-minute option available if you have a follow-up question after your session (at my discretion, must not require the calculating of additional charts).

To inquire about setting an appointment or gain more information, please feel free to contact me.

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