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 Rising from the Ashes - September 11, 2001.

Astrology FAQs
Got questions about astrology? Find the answers here!

A Carriage Full of Ghosts: Neptune in a New Light
One mention of the word 'Neptune' brings images of confusion, illusion, sacrifice and suffering to many of us. I would like to suggest that these are manifestations of a misunderstanding of Neptune's true nature. Read more in this article.

High Winds & Wildfires: The Astrology of San Diego County's Witch Creek and Harris Fires
Find out what happened when the planets created the perfect firestorm. Read more in this article.

You're In the Spotlight, Generation X!
EVERYBODY gets their turn, and Gen-Xers, this is yours! An article from 2001, still relevant today.

Planetary Miasms: The Astrology of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic
It killed millions and stopped a war. The secrets of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" are revealed, and people are starting to share their families' fears and horrors from the pandemic. Read about it here, comment on it in the blog.

Lords of the "Ring" Cycle: Uranus-Pluto and the Struggle for Balance Between the People and Their Leaders
What's happening right now around the world can be seen as an outgrowth, expression, and backlash against the revolution of the 60s. Learn more here.

The Queen of Heaven: Ancient Tales of Venus
Learn about the planet of the Goddess of Beauty, her mysteries, her stories.

Born to Be Together:  Book Review & Excerpts
Find out more about your relationships on the soul level. Were you born to be together?

Past Forecasts
Did you miss a previous forecast? Check here.

What to Expect from Your Astrologer
Learn more about what an astrologer can do for you.

Spiritual Health
Learn more about the energies that flow through us all the time.

The Sage and Me
The Chinese Book of Change tells us that a Sage is available to guide us any time we ask. The book (and the Sage) offers insights that crack open the universe by telling us what mechanisms of change are at work in our lives. Read more here!

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