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Professional Information


For more than twenty years, Terry Lamb (M.A. Linguistics, UC San Diego; C.A. NCGR, EEMCP) has been helping people to understand how cycles and energies work and interact in their lives. She augments her astrological acumen with energy medicine, Yijing (Chinese Book of Change), cosmology, psychology, and a broad range of health and spiritual studies.

Terry is among the nation's most knowledgeable, insightful, and engaging astrologers. With pragmatic optimism and compassion, Terry’s approach has helped clients and students find their own way to “walk among the stars”. She is dedicated to using astrology as a way to create our future and free ourselves from “fate”. She goes along with Abraham Lincoln, who said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Her unique approach to astrology can be learned through her home study program (www.terrylamb.net/curriculum.htm) and her experiential hands-on apprenticeship program (contact her directly).

Her publications include Born To Be Together, The Cycles of Childhood (research monograph), and Astrology’s Magical Blends, as well as various articles and technical manuals related to the study of astrology as a profession. In addition, she publishes www.terrylamb.net and is a staff columnist for www.daykeeperjournal.com, where she writes the "Astrological Overview" and "Daily Success Guide". She can be reached for consultations, training, and bookings at terry@terrylamb.net.

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Curriculum Vitae


Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (EEMCP), 2010.
Certified Professional Speaker, Learning Annex, 2006.
Level IV Certification in Astrology (General Research), National Council for Geocosmic Research, 1996.
Trained in Energetic Healing, School of Advanced Healing, 1996-97.
Trained in Ancient Astrological Techniques and Philosophies, Project Hindsight Conclaves, 1994-97.
Independent study of astrology, Tarot, Yijing (I Ching), holistic health, and spiritual studies since 1976.
Master of Arts, Linguistics, University of California, San Diego, 1976.
Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, 1974.
Valedictorian of the Class of 1970, North Huron High School, Kinde, Michigan.


Executive Director, National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), 2002-2005.
Treasurer, (NCGR), 1999-2002.
President, San Diego Chapter of NCGR, 1986-1992, 1995-2005.
Examiner of the National Board of Examiners, NCGR, 1998-present.
Recording Secretary, San Diego Astrological Society, 1995-98.
Member, Association for Astrological Networking, since 1986.
Member, National Council for Geocosmic Research, 1986-present.
Member, San Diego Astrological Society, 1978-present.


Master Instructor, Time Masters Apprenticeship Program, 2011-present
Instructor, writer, speaker and consultant in Astrology, Yijing, Tarot, spiritual studies, and holistic health, 1988-present.
Examiner, Board of Examiners,National Council for Geocosmic Research, 2003-present.
Astrological counselor in private practice, 1982-present.
Founder & Dean of Astrological Certification Program, 1994-present.
Energetic healer, 1996-present.
Founder and Director of the Astro-Energetic Healing Program, 2005-2009.


Topics include the integration of astrology with Yijing alchemy, spirituality, psychology, subtle-body healing and health, and other symbolic systems; planetary cycles and human development; and classical astrological techniques for modern times. Please see Speaker Topics for more information. Contact me to customize an event for your audience.


Independent Instructor in Astrology, all levels & topics, 1988-present.
Independent Instructor in Holistic Healing, spiritual studies, Tarot & Yijing, 1988-present.
Founder, Dean, and Instructor in The Astrological Certification Program, 1994-present.


Feature interview, KNSD San Diego, January 2004.
"The Lounge," talk show feature interview with Dirk Sutro, KPBS San Diego, January 2003.
"The Morning News," KFMB-TV San Diego, January 2003.
"The Morning News," KCST San Diego, January 2003.
Feature story "Astrologers Predict, 2003," KNSD San Diego, January 2003.
Radio talk show appearance, Sacred Connections, KEST San Francisco, June 2000.
Radio talk show, "The Laura Gerking Show," Seattle, April 1999.
The Wedding Story, The Learning Channel, 1995, airing continuously since Fall 1996.


Presentations, workshops, seminars, retreats in astrology, Tarot, holistic health, healing, metaphysics and spiritual growth, for various local groups nationwide, 1979-present.
Faculty at the NCGR Education Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2003.
Faculty at the United Astrology Congress, Orlando, Florida, 2002.
Faculty at ASTRO 2000 Conference, Denver, Colorado, 2000.
Faculty at the United Astrology Congress (UAC), Atlanta, Georgia, 1998.
Faculty at the NCGR Education Conference, Orlando, Florida, 1996.
Faculty at Visions ‘93 Conference, Del Mar, California, 1993.
Faculty at Halley’s Comet Conference, San Diego, California, 1986.
Presentations for general audiences through the Learning Annex, 1984-5, 1996.
Faculty at South West Astrology Conference (SWAC), Buena Park, California, 1979-1984.



Astrology's Magical Blends: Combining the Signs in Your Chart, Inner Edge Human Technologies, 2007.
Born To Be Together: Relationships, Astrology, & the Soul, Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 1998.
Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Book forecasts, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide, 2003-2006.
Various guides to current planetary phenomena, 2010-2013.


"The Cycles of Childhood," self-published, May 1996.

Journal Articles:

"Prodigal Nation: The US and its Search for Identity," in The Mountain Astrologer, Aug/Sep 2005.
"Doing Your Life Laundry: De-Cluttering Your Life Using Your Moon," in The Moon Sign Book 2006, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide, to appear 2005.
"Your Lunar Style: Fashion & Your Moon Sign," in The Moon Sign Book 2006, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide, to appear 2005.
"What Every Teacher Knows: Pluto in Sagittarius and the Upheaval in Education," in The Starview Almanac 2006, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide, to appear 2005.
"Lords of the Ring Cycle: The Coming Uranus-Pluto Square," in The Starview Almanac 2005, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide, 2004.
Contributing author to Your Birthday Sign in Time, New York/London: Simon & Schuster, 2002.
"Straightshooter: What to Expect from a Kerry Presidency," at www.terrylamb.net/straightshooter.htm, September 2004.
"Can Kerry Win?" at www.terrylamb.net/cankerrywin.htm, March 2004.
"Lunar Hot Spots," in The 2003 Moon Sign Book, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide.
"Making Use of the Horary Moment, or How to Ask a Question," in The Geocosmic Journal, Spring 2002.
"Astrology Question & Answer," in The Geocosmic Journal.
"Between the Darkness and the Light: The Sun-Moon Cycle and You," in 2002 Moon Sign Book, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide.
"Unconscious Communication in Astrology," The NCGR Journal, Fall 2000.
"The Return of the Chalice: The Triple Conjunction of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto," NCGR Memberletter, June 1989.
"Don’t Kill the Messenger", The Mountain Astrologer, Feb. 1993.
Various articles in The Uranian, the member publication of the San Diego Astrological Society, 1978-present.
"Planning Your Life with Retrograde Cycles" in Cosmos, the research journal of ISAR, April 1983.


"Astrological Q&A," in Geocosmic Journal, 2003-2005.
"The Astrological Forecast," on www.terrylamb.net, 1996-present.
Astrological Feature Forecasts on The Hay House Website, 2000
"The Astrological Forecast" in New Moon Rising, 1990-2000.
"The Astrological Forecast" on Astrological Horoscopes & Forecasts Web Page, 1996-2000.


Editor & publisher of The Quarterly Eclectic, 1988-1995.
Webmaster and publisher of www.terrylamb.net.

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