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Mercury Retrograde Guide
Mercury Retrograde Guide

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Mercury Guide

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We are making passage into a powerful new era, a new Great Year for Planet Earth. Mercury is as always our facilitator, connecting the dots of consciousness so we can take our dreams to reality.

At no time has this been a more necessary process, as we search for meaning in a new time. And it's Mercury to the rescue, with just the right slant on things to make it happen!

A new Mercury retrograde starts on February 23, taking us through a litany of links to the other planets. This is just what we need to begin manifesting our dreams into daily life.

If you have strong Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), you are most affected.

This Mercury retrograde and the 4-month cycle that follows will help us launch our dreams. But first, we must heal ourselves to release what remains of old limiting thoughts and conditions.

Tree WombMercury is the Messenger of the Gods. Like all good messengers, he makes the divine connection, delivering to our door of awareness notes from the gods (the planets he contacts). The notes are hints about how we can bring our New Self into visible form. We only have to detect and use the clues from Mercury to do it.

The "Dreams to Reality" Mercury Guide tells you what to expect and how to manifest your new life during this special time. In addition to the vital keys that unlock Mercury's message for this retrograde, there are specific insights for your sign.

Special Bonus Feature
This guide includes a special section "How to Manifest Your Dreams". Learn the "rules" of manifestation and how to rise above the pitfalls along the way.

As a reader of the Daykeeper Journal website, you get the pre-publication rate through the end of the old cycle (March 4). at the special price of $10. After March 4, it is $14.00. The guide will be ready and sent to you via email before February 23. After February 23, you will be taken to a download page after completing your order. All guides are provided as a pdf file from a download page.

In addition, you will receive a one-page timetable of significant dates during the Mercury shadow period, February 8-22. This is a very active shadow period.

From Dreams to Reality: Your Guide to the Spring 2013 Mercury Retrograde & Cycle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00 DAYKEEPER READER SPECIAL

Schedule a Personal Session with Terry and get the guide free!
If you think this is an important period for yourself or a loved one, a personal session will help you find your feet, chart your course, and move toward your greatest happiness and fulfillment. When you sign up for a session of 45 minutes or more, the guide is sent to you free.

Individual Session + Guide

Mercury Guide/Relationship Session

"Very helpful, constructive way to look at the retrograde period, especially the "energy" quotient! Thanks for this!" J.U., California

"Terry, I love your positive description of Mercury retrograde." A.M., New York

"Terry, this is one of the best takes on the retro period that I have read. Thanks a bunch! I am sooo feeling it!" C.M., California

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