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To book any event, contact Terry.

Terry Lamb has been speaking successfully before audiences since her teen years. She uses her more than 30 years of experience in her areas of expertise to back the wide range of topics and formats she offers. From introductory presentations, panels and longer workshops, seminars and in-depth training programs to keynote, plenary session, breakout, or after-dinner presentations, she offers speaking services of all lengths and to any audience.

One of the key features of her presentations is her ability to make esoteric topics accessible and entertaining to any audience. A refreshing depth, even seriousness in her message is juxtaposed with a gentle, playful/humorous tone. There is something in Terry's approach for everyone, even those who know little about her subject before they sit down.

Most topics can be tailored to your needs. Terry has experience with a wide variety of groups, including meetings and conventions, colleges and universities, professional and membership organizations, hotels, corporations, political and church groups, media events, and government. Terry’s presentation style is described as “clear, content-rich, warm, and inviting”, her persona as approachable. Her unique perspective transforms her audiences.

Although selected topics are suggested below, they are primarily to give you an idea of the range of topics she presents; she will design a topic, approach, and format to suit your unique needs. Her audiences include:

  • General Audiences
  • Business/Entrepreneurs
  • Healing and Health Practitioners
  • Metaphysical Audiences
  • Astrologers, Students of Astrology, and Astrological Newbies
  • Children, Teens, and Young Adults
  • Adults of All Ages
  • Couples and Singles

Some of her recently popular topics are:

Know Your Soul Plan
We are (and always have been) following a Cosmic Time Table of the planets. This is the moment we were born for! The soul looks for challenges, and we are facing the one we were born for right now. Learn about your soul plan and how it fits the Cosmic Time Table in this event. Learn more here.

“I Opened the Window and In-Flew-Enza”: The Planetary Patterns of Epidemics & Pandemics
The celestial patterns and cycles show critical peaks at the times of epidemics. We can look at the patterns at the times of the great epidemics of the 20th century, with special focus on the 1918 "Spanish" Influenza, to predict future epidemics. Using what we find from this exploration, we can see what may lie ahead with respect to epidemic threats.

Love Your Hormones: Restore the “True You” with Astrology and Energy Medicine
If your motto could be “Hormones: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em,” there is another way to live. In this experiential presentation, we will walk through one of the body’s energy doorways into the endocrine system using astrology and Eden Energy Medicine, and begin to restore balance. You will walk away from this workshop feeling better than when you entered and learn how to stay that way. (Astrological material is optional.)

The Cycles of Childhood: The Impact of Cycles on Your Early Development
Based upon my NCGR Level IV research project, a strong correlation is found between the so-called developmental epochs identified by child psychologists and the cycles of the planets. They suggest the underlying issues for the child as they strive to make sense of the world around them. If you have children or are around children, understanding them can give you insight into the purpose of the child's actions, thereby suggesting ways of rechanneling negative behaviors into positive actions which still fulfill the same purpose. Because we have all been children, a knowledge of these stages can give you insight into your own developmental processes (or those of your client) to explore the issues suggested by these cycles.

The Cycles of Adulthood: Milestones and Crossroads in Adult Life
Even the oldest and wisest of adults will tell you that we never stop growing, never stop the journey that leads to greater self-awareness until we have completed our last breath. What does it mean to be an adult? How do we develop into and during maturity? When are the critical events of adult development, and how can we make the most of them? Let astrology tell you when they will occur and what questions we need to answer successfully at each stage.

Twins, the Astrologer’s Enigma: How to Understand Them, How to Counsel Them
Nearly every astrologer is fascinated by the charts of twins, yet we may not know how to approach a consultation with a twin or a parent of twins. Using a spiritual and psychological model and my experience with counseling twins and their families, a technique emerges for being a true support for these individuals with very special relationships.

The Astrology of Love Triangles
Relationship triangles are an eternal phenomenon of human experience. From Bill, Hillary and Monica to Charles, Camilla, and Di, triangles have given us some of the greatest legends—and the wildest scandals—in history. Looking at them astrologically presents us with the keys of insight to how love and human nature interact in all relationships, whether family, friends, lovers, colleagues, or employers. This exploration will also give us a deeper understanding of what “good” (and “bad”) relationships look like astrologically, what pitfalls to look for, and how to help ourselves and others work them through.

Comfort, Conflict & Karma: How to Evaluate Compatibility in Relationships
Discover how to use a simple, yet revealing technique for evaluating the compatibility factors in relationships. Karma brings us together, comfort keeps us together and conflict, if not transmuted, can tear us apart. Learn what works and what doesn’t in relationships according to this system and how to overcome imbalances between these three factors.

The Magic of Yods & Quincunxes
Yods and quincunxes can be an enigma both to the astrologer and the individual who was born with them. A simple, straightforward way of looking at these configurations brings out their magic! Turn interpretation into healing with this approach.

A speaking brochure is available upon request.
To book any event, contact Terry.