The Sacred Journey

Tarot & its Role in Your Spiritual Evolution

Tap the power of universal laws through the study of the sacred Tarot.

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           Tarot was first conceived as a tool to accelerate spiritual growth (initiation), knowledge hidden from all but those in the secret inner circles of the ancient priest- and priestesshoods of Sumer, Egypt, Phoenicia, and Judea.



In this course, we will explore this sacred knowledge, drawn from many sources, including the Holy Order of Mans, the Qabalah, and Egyptian mysticism. You will learn:

                      The ancient wisdom, universal laws, and spiritual evolutionary processes associated with each card

                      how to read the cards using your intuition, not a book

                      how to read them in a choice-centered, rather than fate-centered "what will happen", approach

                      how to use the cards as a tool to spiritual growth

No previous knowledge of Tarot is required. However, even those with previous knowledge of the Tarot may find new information and approaches to enrich their Tarot practice.


Course fee: $320 payable by check or paypal.

Course available on CD or mp3. Please indicate which you want by contacting me personally or saying so in the "Notes" box upon paypal checkout.

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