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2012-13 Relationship Guide
Dance of Life Guide to Relationships

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Dance of Life Guide to Relationships


Every relationship is a dance, regardless of what roles we take with each other. It could be the Family Dance, the Work Dance, the Friendship Dance, the Intellectual Dance of Student-Teacher, or the Dance of Intimate Love. There are new forms of relationships that are being defined now — or perhaps defy description and retreat from definition. A deeper resonance is being created.

Whatever “type” of relationships you are in, they all have and seek their own rhythm. They grow and develop just like the people in them, and we can benefit from understanding them. As you look around you, who do you see? Who can you rely on? What’s important in relationship for you?

These are questions that we are answering quite differently than we did two or three years ago, and the answers will keep shifting and transforming as we go through a period with repeated grace notes singing a relationship theme. On a planet that increasingly needs us to get along with each other in order to survive, connectivity is emphasized and will continue to be for the next few years.

We are entering a new relationship cycle, started June 5, and we are only now beginning to define it, to co-create our experiences with the people in our life. The 2012-13 Dance of Life Relationship Guide will show you the map of what’s ahead on your journey, no matter what kind of dance you are in. We will zoom in on the landscape at particular stops on the way, places where we can rest together or find a new way to synchronize our steps. In addition to the vital keys that unlock our relationships of all kinds, the guide contains special messages for your sign(s).

All guides are provided as a pdf file from a download page. Contains a bonus transcript from my 6/3/12 radio interview, "Your Divine Relationship" and insights for your sign.


The 2012-13 Dance of Life Guide to Relationships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18.00

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If you want to get the specifics on this time period for you or a loved one, a personal session will help you find your feet, chart your course, and move toward your greatest happiness and fulfillment. When you sign up for a session of 30 minutes or more, the guide is sent to you (or refunded) free.

Dance of Life Relationship Session

Dance of Life Personal Session

"I cried for joy, I mourned for the losses, and I savor the deep knowing that as I was reading this Venus report, it was all happening/had happened/will happen:  the healing, the transformation, the blessings, and the profound releases of the past.  As I read the specific signs that related to me personally, I was struck dumb, speechless, and awed by the profound accuracy of the reflections back to me from your words. Your insightful interpretations and pure reflections of the stars have moved me deeply to greater understanding, appreciation, and even deep love of myself and my relationship to the Great Mystery of our Universe. Thank you is not enough, yet it is rich with my sincerity, love and appreciation, and the inner processes you have inspired." D.S., Del Mar, CA

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